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The PORT 2 YARD Shipping Container Trailer


The Port 2 Yard Shipping Container Trailer is designed as a lightweight, efficient, trailer. Weighing in at under 6,000lbs with a GVWR of 21,000lbs, this lightweight trailer is designed to carry 1 – 40′ Shipping Container, 1 – 45′ Shipping Container (with 5′ add-on extension), 1 – 20′ Shipping Container, or 2 – 20′ Shipping Containers.

The Port 2 Yard Shipping Container Trailer has a perfectly balanced Tri-Axle design that keeps tongue weight within the requirements of most truck manufacturers’ recommendations while keeping your load secure and balanced behind you. It boasts a total of 8 twist locks with 6 of them being retractable eliminating the need to strap down your load, getting you in and out of Depots and Ports quickly.

Unique Usability:
No straps to unlatch and stow, no need to shim the container for unload.

When you get to your Yard the Port 2 Yard‘s load design allows you to pick Shipping Containers off with a standard forklift.

A Green Convertible Solution:
Not only can you use the Port 2 Yard to move shipping containers, you can also use our 20′ Flat Decks that are manufactured by re-purposing shipping container bottoms. Our unique re-purposing method allows you to convert the Port 2 Yard to a 20′ or a 41′ flat deck trailer. This convertible solution eliminates the need to purchase multiple trailer types with a low cost entry point.

Overall Solution and history:
This trailer was designed and operated by two passionate people from Eastern Tennessee that have 72 years of combined experience in the automotive, fabrication, shipping container and trailer manufacturing industries. The Port 2 Yard has been carefully and meticulously designed with the operator in mind while keeping the utmost in on the road safety and meeting all DOT regulations.

This solution will get you in and out of any port and depot in the most efficient manner, getting you back out on the road as quickly as possible, helping maximize your profits by keeping your load weights to a minimum and minimizing load times. The combined total weight of the Port 2 Yard with a 40′ High Cube Shipping Container is right around 11,000lbs with a single 20′ Standard Shipping Container, and right around 16,300lbs with 2, 20′ Standard Shipping Containers. These combinations are about the weight of a good, empty, 40′ flatbed trailer!

If the Port 2 Yard is right for you please get in touch with us for pricing and manufacturing lead times, each unit is built to order and comes in Tennessee Orange or Black.


  • GVWR: 21,000lbs
  • Actual Weight: 5,700lbs
  • Axles: 3 each 7,000lb Axles
  • Tires: 8 Lug ST235/80r16
    10 ply Load Rating E
  • Brakes: Electric (All Axles)
  • Overall: Length 51′
  • Deck Length 41′
  • Overall: Width 98.5″
  • Lighting: 12v LED
  • Built in Toolbox
  • Deck Height: 37″


  • Jacks: 2 each High Speed 12k Wind Downs (Pictured with Optional 12k hydraulic)
  • Spare Tire: 1
    (Pictured with 2 Spares)
  • Steel Construction: A992/A572 Structural I Beams
  • Coupler: Wind Down 30k for 2 5/16″ Ball
  • 8 Each Shipping Container Twist Locks
  • Flatbed Height: 42″

Gooseneck Design

Retractable Twist-Locks

Unique Tri-Axle Design

Cool Facts:

  • DOT Approved in all 50 States
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • No Strapping or Lashing Required
  • Multi-Use Design
  • Industry Tough
  • Versatile
  • Built to Last
  • Time Saving Design
  • Ample Tool Storage
  • Fast Load and Unload Design