Dyna Dolly

Efficient Shipping Container Hauler

Introducing the DynaDOLLY 

The DynaDolly system is the result of eight years of road tests, 14 months of re-design, and 800+ hours of iSO certified engineering build and design time. The ONLY PATENTED Dolly System that lets you load, ship, and unload any length shipping container that is 96″ wide, empty or loaded.

The DynaDolly system provides a cost effective means to move shipping containers, but it can also convert into a Goose Neck Equipment Trailer, Goose Neck Freight Trailer (that also doubles as a roll-back), and a 13 yard Goose Neck Dump Body, while being able to lift from 5 to 15 tons, carrying 14,000 to 26,000 pounds (if you have a CDL you can haul up to 32,000 GWVR with the DynaDolly) all from the familiarity and comfort of your very own 3/4 ton to 1-ton pickup truck! Its design and use allows you to unload a 40′ Shipping Container without needing 100 to 120 feet in front of your truck to get out from under the Shipping Container. All you need is the turning Radius of your Truck, that’s it!

The DynaDolly is the only Goose Neck Dolly system that is the last solution you will ever need to handle all of your transport needs while eliminating the need for multiple trailers, all packaged in an affordable solution that is cost comparative to a single 40 foot tilt back hydraulic trailer with a chain drive system. A Swiss Army Knife of Transport that is truly Dynamic!

DynaDolly XL

Designed to lift 15 tons and has a GVWR of 30,000lbs.

DynaDolly M

Designed to lift 15 ton and has a GVWR of 30,000

Cool Facts:

  • DOT Approved in all 50 States
  • NATM Approved
  • A true machine
  • Compact
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Best of class design
  • Built for Industry
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile

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