Shipping Container Trailers


    Shipping Container Trailers is a world leader in Shipping Container Trailers. Our Trailer line hosts the best trailers in the world. Whether you need to pull empty shipping containers with your pickup truck, or haul a fully loaded shipping container, Shipping Container Trailers has you covered. Our state of the art manufacturing plant boasts 400,000 square foot of production floor and can handle the largest orders.

    Take a look at our line up below:

    The DynaDolly

    The DynaDolly is the only Goose Neck Dolly system that you will ever need to handle all of your transport needs. All packaged into  an affordable solution that is cost comparative to other 40-foot tilt back hydraulic trailer.


    The Port 2 Yard Shipping container trailer is designed as a lightweight, efficient, Shipping Container Trailer. Weighing in at under 6,000lbs with a GVWR of 21,000lbs the Port 2 Yard will handle all your transport needs.

    The Tennessee Tilt

    The Tennessee Tilt is a tilt deck trailer in a class of its own. Boasting 2 Р12,000 lb winches, a 20 ton scissor tilt mechanism and twist container locks.The Tennessee Tilt  lets you to easily load and unload your shipping container.

    Legion 40′ Chassis

    Legion 40′ Chassis are designed to combine durability and excellence. The Legion 40′ Chassis allows you to transport multiple types of Shipping Containers where you need it to go at one low affordable cost.

    All of our products and services are offered exclusively by United Conex, we are pleased to have them offer our unique trailers to business owners and consumers alike.